How To Lose Your Pot Belly Fat

If you really want to lose that pot belly fat then you need to know all the correct information so you can approach the solution realistically. First off you need to really understand one basic concept behind burning fat.

You cannot JUST lose your belly fat

The most important thing many men and women need to acknowledge about weight loss is that it is impossible to lose weight off of just one area of your body.

All the time we hear women saying they want to lose weight off their butt or legs or hips. In the same way that many men say they want to lose weight off their pot belly to get six pack abs. But the fact of the matter is that you can not lose weight off just one area of your body.

This is called spot reducing and it is a vicious myth. It goes against science and as such should be disregarded. If you really want to lose your pot belly fat the simple truth is that you will have to lose weight off of your entire body.

You see, when your body uses fat stores for energy it does not take it from one place first, then another place, and so on. For example, it is not like it goes to the legs first and then the belly and then the chest, etc. It takes little tiny bits from everywhere, almost equally. I say almost because it is not equal and it is different for everyone. For example, men will often put weight on their belly first and lose it last (depressing I know). Similarly, women will often put weight on their hips first and lose that last (also depressing).

The main point here is that you cannot spot reduce. If you want to lose your belly fat you have to lose weight from your entire body.

Now that we have established that it is impossible to just lose weight off of just your belly we need to look at the best ways to burn fat and get yourself lean.


Generally the most important aspect of losing weight is your diet. It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym every day of the week, if your diet is poor your results will not be what you expected.

The best way to get lean and toned muscles is to get inspired about health and fitness. When you eat to get healthy the weight just drops right off, but if you were to do one of those fad diets the problem is the weight comes right back as soon as you finish it. If you do not change your diet and eating habits for the long term then how can you expect the results to be long term?

The main foods you need to avoid when trying to lose belly fat are:

  • pastas and breads
  • foods with refined sugar in them (candy, soft drinks, etc.)
  • highly processed foods (these are high in salt and sugar and fat)
  • fatty fried foods

You can replace these foods by eating:

  • as much fruit and vegetables as you like
  • natural foods like eggs, milk and free range meats

If you get back to a natural diet that moves away from man-made things you will find that your weight loss journey is an easy one. You do not have to worry about counting calories and all that junk, just focus on staying healthy.


Of course, if you want to get lean and toned and lose the pot belly you need to exercise. You need to do both cardio exercise and weight training. A mixture of the two is the best way to burn calories because they both raise your heart rate, keep your metabolism up and burn calories even when you aren’t working out. The more muscle you have on your body the less fat you are going to have because the two do not co-exist well together. Adding muscles, therefore, should become a priority for all those who want to lose weight.

Tips for losing belly fat and keeping it off

Here are some other tips those men with a pot belly should listen to if they want to lose the fat and keep it off:

1. Don’t eat before bed

Anything you eat before bed gets almost certainly stored as fat. This is because your body has no immediate use for the energy and has to do something with it. Combat this by eating earlier in the day, bigger meals in the morning and going for a walk after dinner to burn a bit of fuel.

2. Break the meals down

Digestion is one of the biggest energy users in the body so you should keep your digestion cranking by eating six small meals a day instead of three big ones. This keeps things ticking over and also means it is less likely to have any left over food that gets stored as fat.

3. Snack healthy

Anything made in a factory is likely to be full of sugar, salt, fat and preservatives. Replace it with something healthy like salad, fruits, nuts, protein shakes, etc.

Beer with lunch?

Don’t drink so much booze! It all adds up. Try and replace the alcohol you drink with your meals with water. This is a massive tip for those wanting to lose the pot belly.


The pot belly is something that happens over time. All those trips to the drive through fast food store are finally showing up. We always convince ourselves that once or twice won’t make a difference to our body but once or twice adds up if you do it every week.

In the same way, getting rid of belly fat is not something that happens overnight. You have to make changes to your diet that allow you to burn calories and keep the fat off. Exercise and a natural diet are the best ways to ensure you lose the pot belly and it stays off.