Simple Back Exercises To Do At Home

It is a well known fact that the back muscles are the most important muscle group in the body. Your back is responsible for keeping you upright and standing, so setting up some simple back exercises at home is a logical move.

As people get older, the back may become weaker due to aging which is where upper exercises and lower back exercises come in handy. Even if you are fit and in good health, back problems can occur if you do not take the time to take care of your back and keep it in good strength. You can do many simple back exercises at home to keep your back strong and healthy no matter your age. You will not need any special equipment or training videos to do these back exercises at home.

One of the easiest back exercises at home is the wall slide. You should do this back exercise at home three times a day and you should do the exercise five times or repetitions each time you exercise. You will want to stand with your back up against an unobstructed wall in your home. Your feet should be in line with your shoulders.

Slowly bend your knees until they make a forty five degree angle, you must keep your back against the wall and you should not have your knees at lower than a forty five degree angle. Any more than that and you may injure your knees. Hold the position as you count to five. Slowly rise back up to a standing position, again, keeping your back firmly against the wall. Again, you should do these back exercises at home and you should do this three times a day and you should have five repetitions. If you have your own office at work, you can do one set while you are at work after your lunch.

You may want to combine stomach exercises with your back exercises at home. Abdominal exercises will also help to build up the back muscles if done properly. That is the most important issue when doing abdominal exercises. Improperly done abdominal muscles can actually create more pain for your back and can even cause injury. But if you do the abdominal and back exercises at home properly, they can be a big help to strengthening back muscles as well.

While you are doing your back workouts at home, you will also want to maintain a good diet. If you are overweight, you will want to lose a few pounds as portliness can cause back pain. Some simple training exercises at home and muscle exercises at home can also prove helpful to drop a few pounds and keep in shape all at once.